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Excited + Confused

1/31/07 10:22 pm - Things are busy, but Livejournal still lives on

Remember when Senior year was just starting,
And things were cr-azy without any real reason
Other than the fact that we had just become Seniors
And we were living for cr-azy times.


Craziness was sort of put on a backburner since November and life has been moving along steadily since then, I suppose. Ruthless and weird, but steady in a strange sort of way.

I guess we finished One-Acts
I guess I applied to a few colleges
I guess we're moving into the last spring musical of my high school career
I guess I'm going to be an adult in 12 days

Life moves on in this way. I guess I just have to make sure life doesn't pass me by that fast anymore. There are some things I may never get again.


How's everyone's January been?!?!

Facetious and slightly Philosophical

PS. Also

My post-summer, mid-October tan is definitely gone

12/19/06 10:14 pm - the spirit

Yeah, I have a Christmas miracle: would it be too much to ask that my parents at least try to learn how to love eachother again?


Hello again, Livejournal. How are you, lately?

9/25/06 07:45 pm


oh jake shears.
i hugged you.

Scissor Sisters concert countdown: 3 days.

hell yes!

and apparently i have nothing else to say. i'm a loser.

9/11/06 10:14 pm

something I have noticed over the years:

You know you truly, deeply, love something when the very thought of it makes you absolutely sick and your nerves shot with joy.

9/9/06 08:32 pm - Another look back, another BRILLIANT post

May 17, 2004
"OH! So at lunch, Azia had one of the lunchables pizzas and on the front I saw "Free Spider-man Decoder inside!!!" I found it and started playing with it. Then, Azia took it from me...:( So then I took it back from her....

Eventually we ended up rolling around on the floor for it, Azia bit my hand, I threw an altoids case at her, then I took her shoes and threw them at her, and threatened to throw them in the trash can XD"


Even though Freshman year was so stupid and pointless and completely dumb...I actually had a lot of fun that year! Everything was always so jumpy and new. Pirates had just come out the summer before and around the time I wrote that stuff, I was already getting incredibly excited for "Kingdom Hearts 2" (Jesus Christ, I'm an awesome girl.)

I remember coming home from school to see a new super-rare 3 minute trailer with little glimmers of the KH2 storyline was so freaking exciting (again, really awesome girl.)

Cabaret. No REAL essays. Feeling great because I had all these amazing older friends like Danielle Jacoby, Melissa Staab, Eileen, Ashley and the whole feeling of choir then. Having my whole High School career ahead of me. Not knowing or caring what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Let's not forget looking GORGEOUS.

And then of course, "Candlelight." Sigh.

Let's face it, BEING a freshman sucked.
But Freshman year itself, as stupidly silly as it was, was actually pretty fun.

I have got to admit though: so far, Senior year has definitely been pretty awesome.

I cleaned out my bookshelf today!
Look forward to a post in the near future of glorious 8th GRADE PICTURES. They never stop being funny.


9/7/06 11:01 pm

I cannot even begin to tell how good tonight was. There are NO words.

I saw my IDOLS a few feet away from my face. 3+ of my idols. Like, people I've said, "I have to __________ them before I DIE." Before I die? You guys. That's a big statement right there. And they were all onstage.

The Little Mermaid Special Edition DVD.
October 3rd.
Pay any price,
because it's completely worth it.

I'm sure I left a few thousand pounds of DNA in the El Capitan from all the tears I shed!
♥Oh my god

8/28/06 06:05 pm

So in one day, I begin the first day of the last year of my high school life.

As things slowly begin to sink in and the college application process is revving in the background, more and more people are floating to college. Shannon returned to South Carolina last week for who knows how long, Tyler has flown off to college at Chapman, one of my closest old friends from Elementary School started college in San Francisco last week, all the OP alumnis are returning to college soon, and people who have been there my whole high school life are leaving.

Ha! Already the worst case scenarios are running through my mind. "Laura, we regret to inform you: you are too ugly to be accepted into any colleges ANYWHERE! Sorry. L8er sk8er!" "YOU CAN'T GRADUATE, SUKKAH!" "You lost all your money." "Mr. Boone HATES YOU."

The last two really don't have to do with college, but are equally sad as the rest. Especially since Mr. Boone is slowly gaining a key to my heart because he is the definition of cool.


I hate goodbyes. I don't even want to think about them.

I won't ever grow up, though. Never. Not even if I got accepted to the iviest of ivy-league schools.

Happy Senior Year Class of 2007! We're going to make it.

♥Peter Pan Sydrome

8/11/06 11:19 pm - another BRILLIANT post!!!

Well, sometimes I can be an incredibly dynamic person.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, thrilling conversation, all kinds of movies, drama, and expressing my mood in intricate artforms, allowing the world to understand the depth that really lies within my soul - letting the universe be suprised by the extent of my personality in a way that is unusual to them and especially unique to me.

other times, I play VIDEO GAMES.

Having just beaten a glorious game that I've been playing for at least 9 ridiculous months, I have to reflect on exactly how many brilliantly lazy moments I have invested into my PlayStation 2. Which then forces me to realize that school is coming up incredibly fast. And then I realize that summer is sadly drawing to a close, whether I like it or not.

Still, I'm finally a senior. And although all these new alumnis say that senior year is not scary - fuck that - I'm nervous! I'm just grateful that I've had so many wonderful experiences in High School. This year will totally not be a waste. I'm going to have only fun.

And no broken feet.

I hope everyone is doing well in LiveJournal land. This may be my last post for August...

♥Laura "Will you buy me a PlayStation 3?" Sadowski

7/26/06 10:54 am

The Summer so Far....

1. Relaxing. I get into a routine everyday after I come home from Summer School of chilling and watching movies. Compared to the school year, I couldn't be happier to have time for myself
2. Slightly boring. Let's face it, there are times when I'm bored
3. Informational. I've discovered that I have what I believe is a rare form of Chronic Stress Syndrome that's only triggered by a stress response. Basically, if I get stressed slightly, I get stressed out for the rest of the day.
4. Depressing. We got some not-so-good news yesterday. It's not really my business to talk about it online, but everybody just send a positive vibe my mother's way. She needs it.
5. Fat. I eat too much food.
6. Annoying. I hate making decisions.
7. Poor. I have no money.
8. Beachy. The beach is magnificent.
9. Vague. It's strange, I think this is probably one of the first summers I haven't had something really big that I've been working towards. Like a big vacation or family trip or anything. I think I need my job back - and extremely soon.

Notice: If anybody would like to buy me a tablet PC,

PLEASE DO SO. I can't express how much I need this before I leave for college. I need it. So badly.

What's new: A renewed love of No Doubt after watching "No Doubt: Live in the Tragic Kingdom." What an amazing concert with such a genuine Gwen Stefani. Eric Stefani and Gwen singing "Obla-di, Obla-da" was probably one of the cutest things ever.

I need recipes.


7/24/06 09:09 pm

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Take me back. Please.

I won't even care when I have to work a horrible job. I won't even care when I have to pay $800 a month for a 4 x 4 hole in the wall room. I won't even care when I have to ride the subway in the rain and sweat off all my clothing in the summer. Just take me back.

Sigh. I can wait a few more months. I can!

♥New York
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