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Excited + Confused

12 February
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"the da vinci code", 80's "fashion", a christmas story, a streetcar named desire, accordions, ace of base, adam, adult swim, aladdin, alice, alice in wonderland, american mcgee, anime, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, art, azia, blondie, bob the builder, bracelets, british boys, case closed, chinese food, christmas, christmas decoration, cinderella, closer, coldplay, comedy, cosplayers, costumes, cowboy bebop, crafts, da vinci, dan brown, danny elfman, debussy, disney, disneyland, drummers, eating, edward scissorhands, emily, eyeliner, family guy, faure, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, freddie mercury, from hell, futurama, gwen stefani, halloween, harry potter, higglytown heroes, house of blues, invader zim, jack the ripper, japanese tourists, john flansburgh, john linnell, julius caesar...the play, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, kill bill vol. 1, kill bill vol. 2, kingdom hearts, london, love, love actually, madam leota, makeup, marlon brando, mary-kate olsen, michael crawford, michelle, monty python, movies, moxy fruvous, music, natalie portman, nature, nightmare before christmas, oingo boingo, othello, painting, phantom of the opera, photography, photos, pirates, potc, poulenc, puffy amiyumi, pulp fiction, queen, quentin tarentino, radiohead, rain, reservoir dogs, romeo and juliet, sailor moon, san francisco, sarah brightman, scissor sisters, screaming :o, sealab 2021, shopping, singing, sleeping, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, stripes, sushi, swimming, the 80's, the beetles, the blue bayou, the cranberries, the haunted mansion, the little mermaid, the simpsons, they might be giants, tim burton, tmbg street team, tower of terror, tracey ullman, uma thurman, video games, wiggles, writing